All You Have To Know Before Ordering a Spiral Staircase Kit

Most spiral staircase kits come prefinished, and pretty much all that’s really needed to be done is to install them. And while this is true, there are still many things that one should consider before ordering a kit.

Most companies offering staircase kits have online catalogues for you to choose from. From this, you will be able to know if they have something that will fit the interior or exterior (depending on where you’re planning to put it) of your home. The best companies have a multitude of designs and colors to choose from and it should be pretty easy for you to find one that would suit your home.

Next, you should measure your floor-to-floor height or the distance of the floors that you’re to connect with the spiral staircase kit. stair builder This is a very important specification that your chosen company will adjust to. You should also know if you have space for the whole diameter of the spiral staircase for your chosen spot. The typical diameter is 3ft and 11in.

Furthermore, you should know whether or not the company you will be getting your kit from has installers in your area. It’s always best to have¬†spiral staircase kits¬†installed by people from the same company. If they don’t, remember to ask for accredited or recommended installers in your area.

Also, since most staircase kits are prefinished, it’s best to ask your supplier is repainting it is a good idea, in case you change your mind about the finish. This is especially necessary for outdoor staircases because they are typically made of stainless steel since iron alloys are known to easily rust and corrode especially if exposed to the elements.

Lastly, it is important to know if your manufacturer follows building code requirements of either the organization they belong to, or the location they serve or both. Reputable manufacturers of spiral staircase kits, or steel and iron products in general are members or civic manufacturing organization that provides accreditations. Make yourself aware of these building codes and see and make sure that your manufacturer strictly follows them, especially when it comes to the precise measurement requirements.

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