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As we look on to the threats posed by the growing dangers of global warming, it has become imperative for us to protect our environment and slow down this perilous situation. Unless we reduce the excessive burning of fossil fuels, it will become impossible for us to control this menace. We can help save our ecology by beginning right from our homes and what could be a better way of doing it, than using fuel-efficient stoves for heating your rooms instead of stoves using fossil fuels. Wood burning and pellet fuelled stoves are a good alternative for room heating and are being widely considered by most homemakers today. There are many retailers who sell stoves over the internet so its new even easier to get your hands on one.

Wood or wood pellets that generally comprise of sawdust or wood shavings are a more eco-friendly fuel as compared to other forms of fuels such as natural gas, coal or oil. Hence wood burning and pellet burning stoves are becoming popular, as money-saving and environment friendly heating systems for our homes. winnerwell nomad medium tent stove If you have a fireplace, you can use a wood burning or a pellet stove as an insert connected right into the chimney, but if you do not have a fireplace a standalone stove would serve the purpose. However, you will need to have a chimney installed if you buy a stand alone stove.

Although both wood burning stoves and pellet stoves are similar in fuel efficiency, they have their varying features. Wood burning stoves require regular attention and everything is manually supervised to get the fire going. You need to stack the wood and ignite the fuel apart from which you have to stoke the firewood from time to time. A pellet burning stove on the other hand is more convenient, as it can be electrically operated, but you will have to load the pellets. However, whichever of the two stoves you install, you will have to take care of its maintenance and have it inspected from time to time.

There are various models of wood burning stoves and pellet burning stoves available in the market and since they form a part of your room d├ęcor, you can find some attractive designs and shapes that will integrate well with the other things in the room. They are designed like showpieces that present an attraction of their own and there is a wide variety of choice available to choose from. Wood stoves and pellet burning stoves are cost effective and enable you to save on your electricity bills apart from which they help reduce carbon emissions that are the main cause of global warming.


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