Government Job Search – 3 Tips to Help You Get Started

Government employment can present a more stable work option in today’s economy. Although most government hiring does not happen as quickly as in the private sector, government layoffs don’t happen as often or as quickly. Most government workers are represented by unions that offer protection in stormy economic times, plus a comprehensive range of health, vacation, and retirement benefits.

3 Tips to Help You Get Started with Your Government Job Search:

1) Create a Long Term Plan
Pursuing employment with the government is usually a long term process that may take 3 to 12 months. Most Government entities administer Civil Service Exams or lengthy evaluation applications to create hiring lists. Employment News Today How well you do on the exams or application questions determines if you will score high enough to be interviewed. When filling out the applications, make sure you utilize the same keywords and language as the Government Agency does in their questions and job description. If you are not already employed, you may want to pursue alternate employment through a temporary agency while you are taking Civil Service Exams, filling out applications, and awaiting the results.

2) Identify Government Opportunities
Opportunities abound in Federal, State, and County Civil Service Employment. Searching all the possibilities will take some time, but the time spent will be well worth the effort. You can search online for opportunities or go in person to your local County, State, or Federal Government office for Civil Service Exam or open position postings.

3) Prepare for Exams
You can access practice exams and study guides at your local library or online via your Federal, State, or Local website. Be sure to read the tips in the study guides on the best way to correctly answer the exam questions. Once you complete a few practice tests, you will feel more confident taking the exam. Apply for as many exams as you qualify for so that you are on multiple hiring lists.

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